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Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways


the arts​

Working Group Action Plan

Shaping the future for the next generation. By 2030 recognition of the Arts and their broader value to society, including their integral economic and social role, will be widespread and accepted by government, industry and higher education.
Working Group Leads
Sonia Maddock and Elena Taylor,
UNSW Sydney


Working Group Action Plan

Achieving equal representation of women across all decision-making and leadership roles in corporations.
Working Group Leads
Dr Toni Farmer-Thompson, ASU
Christine Gannon Brightworks Consulting


Working Group Action Plan

Creating a culture of inclusivity that enables women to excel and succeed in engineering. To achieve a culture of inclusivity and actions to drive it to help attract and retain women in engineering careers, allowing them to succeed and excel.
Working Group Leads
Professor Judy Raper, TEDI-London
Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah, UNSW Sydney

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Working Group Action Plan

By 2030, we aspire to live in a world where:

Society values the kinds of businesses and innovations created by women as deeply as they value those created by men, businesses are as diverse in their leadership as the communities they serve, funding opportunities flow freely to women, and women have a strong network of allies and accomplices.

Working Group Leads

Dr Raji Ambikairajah, UNSW Sydney


Higher Education

Working Group Action Plan

Ensuring women’s full and effective participation, and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in Higher Education
Working Group Leads
Dr Erin Carr-Jordan, ASU
Professor Miki Caul Kittleson, ASU

Media & Communications

Working Group Action Plan

That the range of broadcast, print and online platforms reflect the diversity and range of opinions of their audiences, with women represented in 50% of executive leadership positions by 2030.

Working Group Leads
Susan Lisovicz, ASU
Jacquee Petchel, ASU

Medicine & Life Sciences

Working Group Action Plan

Cultural change is needed, both at the leadership and at the grass roots levels. A sustained change in attitude and expectations would lead to recognition of a person’s “whole output” and increased representation of women in decision-making positions. Bold and effective actions now will result in a sustainable 50/50 gender representation in executive leadership roles by 2030.
Working Group Leads

Professor Claire Sharpe, KCL


Politics & Policy

Working Group Action Plan

To transform and build women’s leadership pathways in order to facilitate and accelerate the progression of women into decision-making and leadership positions at all levels of government and policy marking.

Working Group Leads
Professor Diana Bowman, ASU
Kristin Irwin, ASU


Working Group Action Plan

Redifining leadership in the sciences. Leadership is currently an uneven playing field, with a hierarchical leadership framework often biased against women. Through strategic development and nurturing of a leadership pipeline, plus development of a new leadership framework, the aspiration is 50/50 gender representation in leadership and decision-making roles by 2030.

Working Group Leads
Professor Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW Sydney


Working Group Action Plan

Strengthening the leadership pathways for women in the technology workforce to leverage a broader and more diverse talent base.
Working Group Leads
Professor Lemuria Carter, UNSW Sydney


I would like to extend my warm thanks and appreciation to the Working Group Leads for their generous contributions to both the work in preparing for and during the Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways initiative. They gave generously of their time and expertise, running ten very successful Working Groups, producing valuable action plans at the conclusion.
My thanks also to all participants, without whom this could not have been achieved. This eclectic group of experts, drawn from government, industry and higher education provided invaluable and passionate input, for which we are deeply appreciative.
A warm thank you also to UNSW Business Professor of Practice, Jennie Granger, for her wonderful introduction and welcome to the Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways initiative, and her work as the event facilitator, all the more complex for being held electronically across several continents and timezones.
Professor Eileen Baldry

Professor Eileen Baldry AO

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Equity Diversity and Inclusion
UNSW Sydney


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